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Resurgence and Call for Free Thinkers

I am not certain whether humans have outgrown government or government has outgrown humans, but the impasse is upon us. The United States of America was founded somewhat experimentally as a nation of self-governance – i.e. our own vigilance and dedication and passion and cooperation was enough to keep things going. Somehow, this all worked, even without a tax system, thriving and eventually creating the greatest engine of innovation known to man. Yet we stagnate. Is it the fault of our ridiculously powerful government? Not quite. Big business? Not even at its best. We, as a culture, and as a species, are constantly struggling to meet the demands of ever-hungry overseers who despite our best intentions, checks and balances, rule of law, etc. always manage to collude and [re,o]ppress us until the whole contraption self-asphyxiates by its own weight and collapses, leaving a chaotic mess to clean up and an entire civilization to rebuild. Perhaps we are ready to make a change?

I propose that we, as citizens of planet earth, begin the process of reorganization, but this time without centralization. Thanks to our technological prowess, information is now available near-instantly, and in unlimited quantity. There’s no stuffing that skeleton back in the closet. The same concepts that enable the Internet, confound the control junkies and persist despite innumerable attempts to contain, control, or eradicate target groups of people, can be applied to government as well. I submit, for your approval, Government 2.0.

1. Distributed – no central government means no authority gets to self-escalate as higher than the others as consensual authority will be the only kind

2. Free – no restrictions on what people do in the privacy of their own homes, bodies, or belief systems.

3. Voluntary – all participation in governance requires no fancy credentials, no mandates, no moral superiority. Either be interested or do not.

4. Exchange rates are arbitrary – any form of money, should we choose to have it, is strictly worth what persons and organizations are willing to exchange for it, at the time of transaction. No need to maintain debt logs or accrue interest. Usury is a silly thing, anyway. Money created and destroyed at will, for the purposes of transactions, with no secret squirrel organizations to hunt you down for mashing your granddaddy’s likeness into a billet and calling it “One Mason, legal tender for all trade with me and all who trade with me”.


Those ideas seem simple enough. With arbitrary money only valued by voluntary participants in the new distributed society, those who obtain money unfairly can instantly be called out and shunned or banished (from the society, not their physical space) and the money deemed null and void from that party. With distributed production, existing and new methods of transit can be used to carry goods or physical money between citizens, satisfying each other’s need directly, if not locally.

I suppose the next step is a bill of rights. We can learn from the past and ensure that nobody is excluded, just in case someone out there is still teaching little Johnny that people different from him are inferior, or a threat.

The earlier part of this post being a semi-description, a constitution needn’t be complicated. The rights, which must be held as sacred, are more important.

1. All persons have a right to speak freely, through any means available, so long as the means are voluntary or voluntarily lent..

2. All persons have a right to decide where and how to live. This freedom includes any religion, medicine, consensual behavior, general activity or proclivity.

3. All persons have a right to defend their (family, property, self, neighbor, pets, etc.) using any conventional means available.

4. All persons have a right to self-govern. No persons shall use non-voluntary means to force compliance with any policy or demand, save for Emergency Sessions to be voluntarily and solemnly incorporated by 3 or more persons, as approved by general consensus, said Sessions to be dissolved upon resolution of a grave threat to life, livelihood or property.

5. All persons have a right not to be tortured. Torture will be defined as any person coercing another person to the point of pain or humiliation.

5. All persons have a right to organize, voluntarily, in pursuit of a goal, be it in business, to emphasize potential improvements to the voluntary system of governance, in response to any unexpected event, or for no reason at all, providing that they do not cause undue hardship to other persons in their well as the right to leave said organization for any reason.


6. All persons have a right to determine the value of their labor and to voluntarily enter into transactions in which goods or services are exchanged for each other, or for a fiat currency as honored by all voluntary participants.


I am taking submissions and suggestions for additional rights and ideas, for the time being being arbitrarily evaluated by myself until such a time as an established founding document can be ratified by enough voluntary persons as to self-declare as a new society.


There is no need to use conventional punishment for the bad actions of parties who sign on as all persons who willfully operate on less than good faith will simply be ignored and allowed to function in their normal previous social roles as best they can. Personhood is both voluntary and by general consent of other persons.


I think the best part about this proposed society is that we can begin it right now, today, simply by discussing it. Voluntary commerce has been aided by globalization and will function as a crucial feature of social organization. The only difference being that only parties involved and other persons can have any input on the rate of exchange of goods or services, no tax collections, sanctions, contraband (people are not contraband – they are people and have every right that any person attempting to traffic in them could have as well as ethical superiority) – in short, rules are set by private parties who can make public the terms of agreement should there be a reason, or no reason, without penalty or social stigma.


You can walk away at any time. There is no cost to be a person in the order, only interest and approval of existing persons. Basic methods should be established as general course and the details left to parties involved at the time of involvement.


There are a myriad of technologies that will enable us to create this new society, in a grassroots manner, silently, secretly, legally, and surely. The only obstacles between all voluntary persons and the goal of permanent autonomy are time and determination.


RFC? Please advise.

Identity Crisis Mitigation

I am not a Republican.

I am not a Democrat.

I’d like to be a Libertarian, but Ayn Rand “libertarians” need to check their sources, because she despised you.

I can find almost nothing likable enough about the vast majority of politicians or pundits to really believe in any of them.


What do I believe?

I believe in freedom. Not in freedom that the media and politicos try to sell you. Actual freedom. As in, “And if ye harm none, do as ye will.”

I believe that most people mean well, most of the time, no matter what they are told, and sometimes in spite of themselves.

I believe that the inevitable incestuous and cronyist phase of any “free” society is unfortunately well upon us, and truly at war with the real virtues and ideals that made this nation (the United States of America) great.

I believe that the crony capitalist and nanny-state corruption is so firmly entrenched that standard appeals to the Pathos, Logos, or Ethos of the vast majority of people who are elected and empowered to help make life better no longer are sufficient to keep this nation free and strong.

I believe that real change did not arrive after the elections of 2008, though I do think that fellow in the White House came into this job with the best of intentions.

I believe that the people who make policy in this country are by nature or nurture too far removed from the people they represent to serve in their appointed functions any more. That they are a de facto presence and that near-universal liberation of these posts of power to new blood with fresh ideas is crucial in these times.

I believe that the populace in general is not so much stupid as they are numb from the ridiculous back and forth, Thunderdome-style pageant that goes on in front of them every day that they are often paralyzed, hypnotized, subverted, and are so frustrated with the whole mess as to just accept the “inevitable” — that we’re either getting Jerk A or Jerk B for any given position, so we might as well either vote with “our guys” or not at all.


I believe that real change is inevitable, that it does not require violence or malice of any kind, that we don’t need to look to our failed leaders to provide it for us, and that it is – by design – OURS for the making.

I believe that signs are everywhere, loads of people making a living “articulating the popular rage“, and that is all well and good, but does anyone have real answers?



I believe that there are many people providing answers (and asking the right questions) all around us every day, but they are mostly working from the bottom-up. change will not be top-down as so many past leaders have promised.

I also believe that I am far from alone.